Ragging is strictly banned in our colleges. If anybody found indulged in such kind of activities, strict action will be taken irrespective of the extent. Ragging is banned by Supreme Court of India. In order to prevent such kind of activity in campus, an anti-ragging committees has been formed and brought into operation.

S.No Name of the Person Category Designation Phone Number E-mail id
1 Dr. Venkidusamy Chair person Dean 8098866784 dsmedicalcollege@gmail.com
2 Dr.P.Vijai Ananth Member Medical Superintendent 9943624026 dsmchpblr@gmail.com
3 Dr.R.Manoranjitham Member Professor & HOD/Anatomy 9442532655 vennela.md@gmail.com
4 Dr.Sageera Banoo Member Professor Microbiology 9786167568 sageerabanoo@gmail.com
5 Dr.Elangovan Member Professor & HOD/ ENT 9443413191 hairikshini@yahoo.co.in
6 Dr.J.Geetha Member Assistant Professor of Anaesthesia 9842310394 geethajanar@gmail.com
7 Mr.Goplakrishnan Member Lawyer 9578298555 legal.cvg@gmail.com
8 Mr.Guru Member Journalist 9843478268 gururaj74@gmail.com
9 Mr.Sheik Tawooth Member LIC Developmental Officer 9842491234 licsheik@gmail.com
10 Mr.S.Aravind Member Students 2016 Batch M.B.B.S 9952751523 arvindsuday97@gmail.com
11 Ms.K.Ilackiya Member Students 2016 Batch M.B.B.S 7339266530 ilackiyakannan24@gmail.com
12 Mr.Piraiganapathi Member Students 2018 Batch M.B.B.S 8778764633 pirgan2@gmail.com
13 Ms.J.Teejashree Member Students 2018 Batch M.B.B.S 9944486642 teja.jana22@gmail.com